Avenida Parana
Shops, Bars and Restaurants

This area is sometimes referred to as Las Piscinas, which is a nearby urbanisation. Also referred to as Miraflores IV.
Avenida Parana runs roughly parallel to the N332, more inland. You can get to it in many ways – Calle Pomelo runs into it, Calle Limon joins onto it via some steps and Calle Clemenules also joins onto it. Calle Niagara also joins onto it in two places.
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Here is a list of the various businesses.
Of course, there may have been some changes since I made this record.
I am updating this in September 2009.
I have shown everything for completeness, but some may not be of any interest to you while you are on holiday.
I will have to try them all out sometime soon and add some photos to this page.

Recent changes are marked *
There are a few changes here.

Ask 31 - Indian restaurant.
B31 – bar 31 - supposedly the only Indian Tapas bar in Spain.
*new Ebony and Ivory - Italian Dutch family menu - replaces the Bar Internacional.
JD News – small shop with the usual wide variety of goods – foods, beach stuff, fancy goods and British papers. Also Internet access, one station, 1€ for 30 minutes.
*new Bocca with pancakes and crepes replaces El Padrino which replaced the Flamenco bistro
Meson Gallego - Spanish restaurant. Also see our Spanish food section.
Restaurante Chino Asia – Chinese restaurant.

Round the corner in Calle Niagara -
The Odd Couple – small bar.
An Sibin – bar and cafe.
2 Estate agents.
Frisor Pino – hairdresser.

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