Playa Flamenca Shopping

Whatever kind of shopping you want to do – it is here.
There are scores of shops in Playa Flamenca in the numerous commercial centres and around the streets.
I will tell you about the supermarkets, mini markets, and the vast famous Playa Flamenca street market.
I can point you in the right direction for internet cafes and some shops with curious mixes of stock.

There is something for everyone close by.
Supermarkets and mini marts

When you visit Playa Flamenca, you’ll probably want to do some food and drink shopping.

You will most likely be looking for a supermarket or mini market for some supplies. Even if you are having a holiday from cooking, you may want to stock up on a little local grog, or keep the ingredients for a cool G&T in your fridge.

Your Playa Flamenca shopping will be an adventure and fun too. There are plenty of options to choose from in easy walking distance.
See a map of Playa Flamenca here

Supermarkets – in Spanish – supermercados

Lidl is on the Alameda del Mar roundabout. It is cheap but has a limited selection. I suggest you go here first to see how much of your list you can get as bargains. Supercor is across the road, on the ground floor of La Mosca Commercial Centre. This is where I go next, to add the extra oomph.

Also, there’s Mercadona, which is in the urbanisation (sort of small suburb) of Playa Flamenca, near to the Ayunamiento (Town Hall) on the N332 just south of the Alameda del Mar roundabout. This has a wide selection of food and drink, at good prices.

Going north along the N332 from the Alameda del Mar roundabout, there are three more supermarkets – Carrefour, Aldi and masymas.

Carrefour sells a wide range of other goods such as electrical items, furniture and bedding, clothes, household goods and toiletries. Its selection of food is a bit limited, but there are good prices and special offers if they have you want.

masymas has a good selection of Spanish baking and loads of fresh produce. It also has British newspapers and food.

More on Aldi coming soon.

In the new Punta Marina CC there is also Eroski and Plus.

Eroski is huge and has aisles for goods from various other countries. Also a big range of fresh produce.

More on Plus soon.

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Mini Markets

There are five mini marts which I have listed - one in the Citrus commercial centre and the others in the Flamenca Beach CC.
Mini marts tend to be owned and run by British people, providing long opening hours and friendly service in English.

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Commercial Centres

In Spain the shops, bars, restaurants and so on are often put together in Commercial Centres, sort of like a shopping mall. They often have a clear identity including a name and logo. There are several local ones in Playa Flamenca and I have included details for them.

The largest in the area is Flamenca Beach Commercial Centre, also known as Playa Flamenca CC. This has many many bars, restaurants, cafes, etc. You can eat a different cuisine every day.

Next door to this is La Mosca CC. This is across the road from the Centro Civico Alameda del Mar on Calle Santa Alodia. This is smaller but has some gems. And Supercor is on the ground floor.

About 10 minutes walk from here is a small and hidden CC called Citrus. This is at the cross roads of Calle Clementina and Calle Limon. You can find it on the map. The actual CC is on one corner – go round the back too, plus there is a collection of establishments across the road which is called Horizonte commercial centre.

There is another small CC with a collection of separate places at Playa Flamenca urbanisation alongside Mercadona. I am not sure if this has its own name. This has some interesting places to prowl round when you are in slow holiday mode and want to look at some unusual shops.

Finally, there is the CC called La Campana which is slightly north on the N332, between Aldi and masymas. Fabulous patiseria and a shoe outlet here.

There is another commercial centre, recently opened, still within walking distance if you are not carrying too much. This is called Punta Marina CC and is really in Punta Prima. Walk along the N332 past Carrefour and along past the blue pedestrian bridge. It is just over the Punta Prima roundabout, on your left.

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Playa Flamenca Street market

There is a famous and huge Saturday morning street market in Playa Flamenca. You can buy just about anything here, at very reasonable prices. There is food, clothes, shoes, toys, etc, etc.

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Internet cafes

I have listed details of some public internet access places around the local area. Some are in pubs, some just have one station, but a few have several machines and even wireless access.
The Spanish keyboards are slightly different to our usual ones, so just be ready for a few changes in key placements.

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More coming soon

Playa Flamenca Promenade Summer Arts and Crafts Market

There is an Arts and Crafts market on each evening during July and August from 7pm to 1am on the promenade at the Playa Flamenca beach.
When we were there not all the stalls were in use, but there was a selection of lovely goods, abit different from the usual run of items at the other markets.
Well worth a look if you are in the area, and a lovely stroll down by the Mediterranean Sea.


So whatever kind of shopping you want to do – it is here.
There are loads of shops in Playa Flamenca in the many commercial centres and along the streets.
Whether it is a supermarket or mini market you want, or the vast famous Playa Flamenca street market, or you cannot live without your web fix, or something to take home, there is something for everyone close by.

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