Playa Flamenca Internet Access

I have listed some public internet access places here.
There may be others of course.
Also, things may have changed since I recorded this information.
Be aware that the Spanish keyboards have some different key positions.

Flamenca Beach commercial centre
That Amusement Place - internet access is 1€ for 20 mins – upstairs and separate from amusements so good if you need peace and quiet. Opens 8pm til late.

The View Sports bar - internet is 1€ for 15 mins – quite a busy and noisy bar so best for casual use.

The Celtic Drop pub - cost is 1€ for 12 minutes. Also in the bar.

Bo Jangles Irish bar under new management. 5 stations upstairs - cost is 1€ for 20 minutes. They are planning to install more machines.
This is currently our favourite.

La Mosca commercial centre
Athena Greek Tavern
has wireless internet access - take your own laptop or use theirs. 3€ an hour, 1€ for 20 mins.
Unfortunately our laptop would not connect but we have had this sort of trouble with it before.

Citrus commercial centre
Frying Scotsman bar - there is only one station here at 1€ for 30 mins – in the bar area.

Tropicana bar and restaurant - internet access with 3 stations at 1€ for 30 mins, also in the bar.

Horizonte commercial centre
Office bar - internet is 1€ for 10 mins with free printing, in the bar area - there are lots of sports fans here so choose your time.

Punta Prima on N332 near the pedestrian bridge.
Money exchange - internet is 1€ for 20 mins, also has rentacar, fax and photocopying - the stations are at the back of the premises, so quite private and quiet.

Playa Flamenca beach area
The Mail Room - internet access is 1€ for 15 mins – in the shop.

Mercadona near Playa Flamenca Town Hall
Name of shop? - in the Mercadona centre, along the corridor near the cafe - it has phone boxes, fax, fancy goods, and internet access for 1€ for 15 mins – in the shop.

JD News on Calle Parana. Small shop with 1 station - cost is 1€ for 15 mins.

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page updated 13 August 2008