Playa Flamenca Beaches
and Beach Walks

There are many lovely Playa Flamenca beaches.

Here I describe the walking routes and show loads of photos of the closest ones, the beaches you can walk to from Alameda del Mar.
There are long and short beach walks along the coast, so you can choose your activity time and effort while enjoying the sun and the scenic coastline along the edge of the Mediterranean Sea.

If you have car there are plenty of other great beaches to visit, only a short drive away.

Starting with the very nearest beaches – Three lovely local beaches - Cala Peñas, Cala Mosca and Cala Estaca - make up the beach area of Playa Flamenca.

If you want to walk to the north, the beach to aim for is Punta Prima. Read about my day out to Punta Prima and beyond.

Walking to the south brings you first to the beaches of La Zenia, which are only a short walk away.
If you continue, you can walk round to Cabo Roig.

Playa Flamenca promenade

Playa Flamenca promenade

So you can see that in this small area, you can easily enjoy the beach walks to Playa Flamenca and La Zenia.
If you want abit more go to Punta Prima or Cabo Roig.

The choice is yours, and how lovely that any of these choices will give you such rewards – the sun, the sea, the beaches and rocky coast.


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