Things to Do in and around
Playa Flamenca

Here I will give you an idea of the vast number of things there are to do here.
It is not just beaches and bars – though of course it can be if that is what you want for your holiday.
But if you want to do more than that - here are some options.
I have not tried them all out, so these are not recommendations, just ideas.
This is not a comprehensive list - so look out for additions as I get more information.

There is a section for kids and teenagers, which includes an indoor children’s play area.

There is a section for outdoor activities which include sailing and surfing, scuba diving, bike hire, quad safaris and a nature park.

And there is a section for the many Theme parks in the area and also a section with useful links for information about getting about, the free English language local newspapers and the official Spanish tourist websites.

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